Memberpress > Subscriber Access to Subscription / Transaction History

You may be wondering if your users have access to their account information, the ability to update it, and where to find this information.

Users do have access to their basic information – name, email, address, and any custom fields you have added and chosen to give them access to.  They also have access to their purchase / transaction history.

This information is usually found at (your-site-domain).com/account/ – which is a page automatically setup by Memberpress. I say usually because that page can be changed/customized as to what it is called, but by default it is usually “account”.

This image is what a user would see on the “account” page – they can also look at their subscriptions & transactions if they want to see when they last purchased or need a copy of that information.

If a user requests a receipt copy for a transaction, navigate to “Memberpress > Transactions” – you can filter down to a specific user in the upper right hand corner, by name, email, or username – or just find their transaction if it occurred recently.

Once you find the transaction, hover over the transaction number, where you’ll see a “Send Receipt” button – click it to re-email them a receipt of the transaction.