Memberpress > Enabling Coupons Upon Registration

In MemberPress there are two ways of being able to allow users to get a discount with a MemberPress coupon: Through the Registration Form Through a Direct Link Through the Registration Form This is the most common way to allow users to enter coupons. Simple navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Options > Account tab > Registration section > and click the checkbox next to the option that […]

Memberpress > Creating Coupons

Coupon Options Below, the various coupon settings are explained. Coupon Code – This field will be auto-populated with a randomly generated coupon code. Change the coupon code here if needed. Coupon codes should NOT contain spaces, quotes, or any other non alpha-numeric symbol. Only alphanumeric characters, hyphens, or underscores should be used. Discount – The discount that will be applied to every billing for the subscription this coupon is applied to. Can be any percent […]