Logo Image

It is not often thought about, but eventually there may come a time when you will need to change the logo on your website. Maybe you’ve undergone a total re-brand. Maybe you’ve just changed your color scheme. Or, maybe you just like to shake things up with some seasonally-themed artwork in the header. Whatever the reason, changing your logo is extremely easy! Simply navigate to your homepage and activate the […]

SiteOrigin Page Builder

The Page Builder is an extremely useful tool for building complex layouts or getting placement just right. The video below is a high-level overview of it, and a second series of videos below on how to use it.  

Picking a Color Scheme

We know you have a set of colors you tend to use with your business – your logo colors, complementary colors to support them in your text, headings, and in other various ways. If you don’t know what colors you want to use on your website, we recommend first, finding out what colors you use (if you don’t already know). is a great Google Chrome extension that let’s you […]