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Our Hometown’s themes have easily changeable font options built-in to each theme for: Body Font Widget Heading Font (CSS class = widget-title) Site Logo Font Main Navigation Font Secondary Navigation Font Heading / Title Fonts Built-in Body Font Options: Times New Roman Arial / Helvetica Georgia Palatino Lucia Sans Tahoma / Geneva Trebuchet MS Verdana / Geneva Courier Lucida Console / Monaco Roboto Monserrat Amiri Slabo Cantata One Quicksand Special […]

Adding a Google Font for use

If you aren’t a fan of the fonts available in the Customizer fonts section, you are more than welcome to pick and implement any of the thousands of fonts available at Google Fonts (¬† ) Once you select your font or fonts, you’ll want to click the gray header at the bottom right of the screen. It will pop up and show you all your selects. The easiest way to […]