Form Confirmations

The Confirmation page allows you to set the confirmation to active, or inactive, edit, duplicate, and even delete confirmations. Confirmation Quick Toolbar Each confirmation item has an confirmation toolbar that displays when you hover over the first cell of an confirmation row. This quick toolbar will allow you to edit the confirmation, duplicate the confirmation, delete the confirmation, or even set the confirmation to “active” or “inactive”. Confirmation Actions The […]

Form Notifications > Email Routing

Within forms, you have the option of configuring additional routing. This is similar to conditional logic, in that different events can cause the notification to go to a different recipient. In this article, we will show you how to configure routing options within your notification. First, start by accessing the notification that you want to configure additional routing for. This can be done by accessing the form associated with the […]

Form Notifications

First, access the form that you want to create a notification for. This is done by clicking on Forms on the left side navigation menu, then clicking on your desired form. At the top menu, hover over Form Settings and click on Notifications. You should now see a list of all notifications that exist for that form. By default, there should already be a single notification that sends the submissions to the admin email address […]