Popup Builder

How to create an Image popup

Follow the instructions to create an Image popup: 1. In your Dashboard, find Popup Builder plugin and click “Add new” popup 2. Select the Image popup from your menu of popup types 3. Enter a Title for your Image popup (it’s visible only to the Admin) 4. Select and image from your popup – paste the URL of your image or choose from your gallery. 5. Select the theme for […]

How to open a popup on the Image click

To create an Onclick popup, please, follow the steps bellow: 1. Go to the Pages/Posts section of your Dashboard 2. Choose the Page/Post you want to add an Onclick popup 3. Click “Insert popup” 4. From the box, select the popup you need to open Onclick 5. Choose the load type, select “Click” 6. Insert 7. Place your cursor inside the shortcode of the popup and click Add media 8. […]

How to create a Restriction popup

Please, follow the steps to create a Restriction popup: 1. In your Popup Builder menu, click “Add new” => select the Restriction popup type 2. Enter a Title for your Restriction popup 3. The content you add in the HTML editor of the popup will be shown before or after the buttons (push to bottom option) 4. Select a theme for your popup, (if you need no borders for your […]