Site Settings

Screen Options

The¬†Screen Options tab is a pull-down tab available at the top of nearly every page of your WordPress Dashboard that allows you to customize your workspace with page-specific settings. The options available will vary depending on what kind of content you’re viewing, but at minimum you’ll be able to adjust the number of items listed per page and decide which columns of information are displayed for each item listed. This […]

Individual Form Settings

By clicking on the form name, form description or form settings link from the New Form or Edit Form screen, you will activate the form settings interface. The form settings interface consists of three tabs. Each tab consists of options and settings for the form. Form Basics Title Enter the title of your form. (Ex. Contact Us) Description Enter a description for your form. This may be used for user […]

Changing the number of stories on a category page

Go to the backend end dashboard and navigate to “Settings > Reading”. Change the setting for “Blog pages show at most” and update the number of posts per category page you want to see. Save your changes.

How to Change Category Limits

By default, categories are limited to 90 days to increase overall site speed and load time on these pages. Go to “OHT Settings > Site Settings”. There is a section for the “Category Listing Limit (days) – For Performance” – update the number to what is preferred, if it’s less or more. “Save Changes”.