Setting Your Font Styles

Step 1.

  • After importing your file into inDesign, go to "window > styles > character styles"
  • Click "character styles" to open a window with the 4 character types that were labeled during the XML export.
  • Use the character styles to apply changes throughout the document
    • You can modify font styles in the stories individually, but universal styles save time overall

Step 2.

  • Right click on the paragraph type you want to change.
  • Click "Edit (paragraph type)" to open the style options.

Step 3.

  • Select basic character formats to control the font size, family, & style
  • Click "OK"
  • In this example, these changes will be applied to all headlines in the document
  • Do the same for the subhead, author, & body text
  • You can also set paragraph styles universally.