Transferring Your DNS

WARNING: If you are not familiar with DNS switches, we highly recommend finding someone who is, to help you with this process. Our Hometown can help, as long as you provide login information to your DNS provider. Your DNS provider may be the same company your domain is hosted at, but sometimes it is a different company.  We require access to this information at least a week in advance before the main DNS switch, to be able to inspect them and make sure we have the appropriate access.

Switching DNS & switching name servers IS NOT THE SAME ACTION. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY. Switching nameservers has a HIGH CHANGE of IRREPARBLY ERASING your DNS records.  Please make copies of all records before making any changes.

DISCLAIMER: If you handle your DNS transfer on your own & make a mistake, this will render your site unavailable and can make your email undeliverable, depending on your email setup.

Our Hometown, Inc. is not liable for any errors you commit if you handle your DNS transfer by yourself.


Instructions will vary, depending on your DNS & domain hosts – if the following instructions does not match what you are seeing, please contact for further instruction.

Please Note: Advanced DNS changes may take 2 hours or more to update throughout the Internet. You may

Once you have completed your DNS changes, please inform Our Hometown immediately so we can enable your SSL certificate. You cannot process payments on site without your SSL certificate.

WARNING: Instructions for if your domain & DNS ALREADY are hosted by the provider you are using.

If you are transferring a domain or DNS TO that provide during this process, you must make sure to transfer all DNS records, or make a copy of all your DNS records.

Domain transfers from one company to another can take days if not weeks so please begin that process as soon as you know you will be doing it.

Our Hometown, Inc. is not liable for any issues incurred during transfer of a DNS or Domain to a new company. 

Step 1:

  1. Contact to let us know you are ready to begin the DNS transfer process. There are additional changes we need to make on our end to complete the DNS transfer process.
    1. DO NOT CHANGE THE DNS without coordinating with the Our Hometown team first. 

Our Hometown, Inc. is not liable for issues from instructions provided by your DNS provider, as linked to below. We link to the individual providers to help provide the most up-to-date documentation available from your DNS provider.

Network Solutions

These links go to Network Solution’s on-site documentation and will direct you away from