User Roles & Capabilities

User Roles set the permissions for each user within WordPress. Listed below are the different roles and the capabilities available to those assigned that role. Generally speaking, only staff members would ever need to have a role set, as Subscribers are automatically assigned the ‘Subscriber’ role.

Read Only

Delete Posts
Edit Posts
Manage Categories

Delete Posts
Delete Published Posts
Edit Posts
Manage Categories
Publish Posts
Upload Files

AdRotate – Ad – Delete
AdRotate – Ad – Manage
AdRotate – Advertiser
AdRotate – Advertiser – Manage
AdRotate – Global Report
AdRotate – Group Delete
AdRotate – Moderate
AdRotate – Moderate Approve
AdRotate – Schedule – Delete
AdRotate – Schedule – Manage
AdRotate –
AIOSP – Manage Seo
Create Pages
Create Posts
Create Users
Delete Others Pages
Delete Others Posts
Delete Pages
Delete Posts
Delete Private Pages
Delete Private Posts
Delete Published Pages
Delete Pubshed Posts
Delete Users
Edit Dashboard
Edit Others Pages
Edit Others Posts
Edit Pages
Edit Private Pages
Edit Private Posts
Edit Published Pages
Edit Published Posts
Edit Theme Options
Gravity Forms – Coupons
Gravity Forms – Create Form
Gravity Forms – Delete Entries
Gravity Forms – Delete Forms
Gravity Forms – Edit Entries
Gravity Forms – Edit Entry Notes
Gravity Forms – Edit Forms
Gravity Forms – Edit Settings
Gravity Forms – Export Entries
Gravity Forms – Preview Forms
Gravity Forms – View Entries
Gravity Forms – View Entry Notes
Gravity Forms – View Settings
List Users
Manage Categories
Manage Links
Manage Polls
Moderate Comments
Promote Users
Publish Pages
Publish Posts
Read Private Pages
Read Private Posts
Remove Users
Unfiltered HTML
Unfiltered Upload
Upload Files
WP-PIWIK – Read Stats