Memberpress Shortcodes

What is a shortcode? Shortcodes are small placeholders you can insert almost anywhere within your WordPress page and post content. When the page is viewed by a visitor, those placeholders get processed and replaced with some dynamically generated content instead. For example, you might have a shortcode that will show the currently logged in user their first name. A shortcode might look like  [mepr-account-info field=”first_name”]. When the page that shortcode is […]

Event Manager & Calendar Shortcodes

Event Manager Shortcodes Event Listings Shortcode: [gd_event_listing] Parameters: category – ID number of the category to show (default = 0 for all) post_number – Number of posts to show (default = 5) layout – Number of columns to show (default = 2) add_location_filter – True or False (default = false) listing_width – A percent between 20 and 100 (default = ‘’) list_sort – One of az, upcoming, latest, featured, high_review, high_rating, random […]

Directory Shortcodes

Shortcodes are ways to place widgets on pages if you have no widgetized areas to use. Sometimes they let you place content when widgets don’t exist. Home Page Map Shortcode: [gd_homepage_map] This shortcode is the equivalent of the GD > GMap – Home Page widget. Parameters: width – A number of pixels or percent (default = 960px) height – A number of pixels (default = 425px) maptype – One of HYBRID, […]

Non-widget Slider

Step 1.On your dashboard menu, go to “Max Galleria” & click “add new gallery”. A pop-up will ask you if you want to an image or video gallery – select one. Start adding your images in from your desktop or media gallery. Step 2.Click the “template” tab to decide what type of gallery or slider you want to use.  Then click the “Options” tab to add additional style customization, if […]