Memberpress Shortcodes

What is a shortcode?

Shortcodes are small placeholders you can insert almost anywhere within your WordPress page and post content. When the page is viewed by a visitor, those placeholders get processed and replaced with some dynamically generated content instead. For example, you might have a shortcode that will show the currently logged in user their first name. A shortcode might look like  [mepr-account-info field=”first_name”]. When the page that shortcode is on gets viewed by a logged in user named John Doe. The page would show John in the content where that shortcode had been placed.

Currently Available Shortcodes

Account Related

[mepr-account-link] Shows a link to the Account page in MemberPress. Can be used on any page or post.

[mepr-account-form] Shows the user account information form. This typically isn’t used, unless you want to show account information somewhere besides the MemberPress Account page that exists by default. This can also be useful for folks using WPML who create separate account pages for each language.

[mepr-list-subscriptions] (beta)
Displays a list of the current user’s active and inactive subscriptions. This shortcode is currently in beta and its output may change in the future or new features and parameters may be added.

[mepr-logout-link] [mepr-login-link]
The above two shortcodes are both identical. They show login or logout links based on the current user’s logged in status. The login link will direct the user to the MemberPress login page where they can login. The logout link will log the user out, and redirect them to the Logout Redirect URL you have set in your MemberPress Options.

[mepr-login-form use_redirect=”true”] Shows a login form on a page or post. Can be used anywhere. When use_redirect = true, MemberPress will redirect the user to the login redirect URL setting located in the MemberPress Options.

[mepr-account-info field=”slug”] Displays the user meta field which is chosen by “slug”

full_nameJohn Doe
full_name_last_firstDoe, John
first_name_last_initialJohn D.
last_name_first_initialDoe, J.
description(aka Biographical info)
mepr-address-one123 Fake Street
mepr-address-twoApt. 123
mepr_user_messageThe “Custom MemberPress Account Message” you have defined for the member in their profile
user_registeredThe date/time the user first joined your site
IDThe unique ID assigned to the user upon registration. Must be entered as ID, not id.
“Your custom Slug”Any of the Custom Account Field slugs in the MemberPress options.

Unauthorized Access Related

[mepr-unauthorized-message] Shows the unauthorized message wherever this is placed. If you’ve set MemberPress up to redirect unauthorized visitors to a specific URL, then we recommend using this shortcode on that unauthorized page.

[mepr-show]Content to show in here[/mepr-show]
[mepr-hide]Content to hide in here[/mepr-hide]
Both shortcodes above support if=”X” attribute, where “X” can be “loggedin” or “loggedout”. Both shortcodes work on whether the user is logged in or logged out, and does not care what, if any, Memberships the user has purchased. Examples of this could be: [mepr-show if=”loggedin”]You’re logged in, congratulations![/mepr-show][mepr-show if=”loggedout”]You’re now logged out![/mepr-show].

[mepr-active {parameters go here – see below}]Content to protect in here[/mepr-active] Used to show or hide content on pages throughout your site. This shortcode supports the following parameters (parameters marked with * are required. Only one parameter in red below can be applied per shortcode):

Shortcode ParametersDescription
rule(s)*If you plan to use a single Rule ID, then set this to rule=”X”. If you plan to use multiple Rule ID’s, then set this to rules=”X, XX, XXX”. Where X’s = the ID’s of the Rule(s).
membership(s)*If you plan to use a single Membership ID, then set this to membership=”X”. If you plan to use multiple Membership ID’s, then set this to memberships=”X, XX, XXX”. Where X’s = the ID’s of the Membership(s).
ifallowed*When set to ifallowed=”show” the content in-between is shown to authorized members only. When set to ifallowed=”hide”, the content is hidden from authorized members.
unauthIf set to unauth=”message” – the user will be shown the unauthorized message when they are not authorized. If set to unauth=”login” – the user will see the login form when they are unauthorized. If set to unauth=”both” – the user will see the  default unauthorized message followed by the login form. NOTE: when set to, “message” or, “both” the code will not display any custom unauthorized message you have set for your rule(s). It only works to display the default unauthorized message.
unauth_messageUse this to override the default unauthorized message. This only applies when the “unauth” attribute above is set equal to “message” or “both”.

An  example shortcode using all above attributes might look like the following:
[mepr-active rules=”1, 2, 3″ ifallowed=”show” unauth=”message” unauth_message=”Download link hidden, please login or purchase a membership to view.”]<a href=”#”>Download Link Here</a>[/mepr-active]

Registration Related

[mepr-group-price-boxes group_id=”123″] Helpful if you want to place content above and below the group pricing boxes. If you’re using this on the Group page itself, there’s no need to specify a group_id. If you want to use it elsewhere on your site, you will need the group_id attribute on it.

[mepr-membership-link id=”0″]Link text in here[/mepr-membership-link] Shows a link to the Membership identified by “id”.

[mepr-membership-access-url id=”123″]Link text here[/mepr-membership-access-url]
Uses the Membership access URL set in the “Membership access URL” setting under the Membership Options section. Use this anywhere on your site to give the member a link to the Membership access URL.

[mepr-membership-registration-form] Helpful if you want to place content above and below the Membership registration form. Can ONLY be used on the Membership page.

[mepr-membership-registration-form id=”123″] You can use this shortcode on any WordPress page, post, or custom post type to display the membership registration form of a specific membership. Simply replace 123 with your own memberships unique ID. IMPORTANT: When using this, you’ll most likely need to also enable the Global CSS option your Options > General of MemberPress to prevent errors from appearing on the form.

[mepr-membership-access-url id=”123″]Click Here[/mepr-membership-access-url]
Displays a link pointing to the URL you have set as the Membership Access URL setting on the Membership. id = 123 should be replaced with the ID of your Membership.

[mepr-offline-instructions gateway_id=”abc-123″]Custom message here.[/mepr-offline-instructions] This shortcode can be used on your thank you pages to display any type of message specific to users who registered via your offline gateway option. For gateway_id=”abc-123″, enter your gateway’s ID. Could be used to provide additional instructions for users when they purchase your membership through your offline gateway. Note: Though we designed this specifically with offline gateways in mind, it can be used successfully with the gateway ID of any other MemberPress supported gateway.