Memberpress > Linking to Your Registration Pages

In MemberPress, there are a couple of ways to link to your Membership’s Registration pages. Below are a couple of the most common ways.

In Your Menu

Providing a registration link to your menu can be a very effective way to make registering easy for your users. You can link directly to a specific registration page, a page that has your registration links, or even our Group Pricing page.

Important Note: before following the steps below, you will need to make sure that you have selected ‘Memberships’ and ‘Groups’ from the screen options of your Menus

  1. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus (shown above).
  2. Enable ‘Memberships’ and/or ‘Groups’ from the Screen Options (also shown above).
  3. Click on either the ‘Memberships’ or ‘Groups’ option on the left hand side.
  4. Click on the Membership (for it’s registration page) you would like to add OR the Group (for it’s group pricing page).
  5. Click the ‘Add to Menu’ button.
  6. The menu item will now appear at the bottom of the menu list. Simple click and hold to drag and drop the menu item where you need it to appear.

Group Pricing Page

The MemberPress group pricing page is a great way to show off your different memberships on your site in one easy to find place. To learn how to create your group please check out this page.

Once you have followed the instructions given there, your group pricing page will have buttons for each price box that will link to it’s corresponding membership registration page.

Direct Link

Here you can use either a direct link, or a couple of shortcode options.

Direct Link

If you are just needing to enter a simple link that users can click on (or if you want to add this link to something else) then you can obtain that link on each Membership edit page here:


MemberPress currently offers the following shortcodes that can be pasted onto any WordPress page, post, or custom post type:

 Link text in here  – Shows a link to the Membership identified by “id”.

 – You can use this shortcode on any WordPress page, post, or custom post type to display the membership registration form of a specific membership. Simply replace 123 with your own memberships unique ID.

IMPORTANT: When using this, you’ll most likely need to also enable the Global CSS option your Options > General of MemberPress to prevent errors from appearing on the form.

For a full list of our MemberPress shortcodes, please click here.