Digital PrePress / Reverse Publishing > Email Notifications

Reverse Publishing Notifications

On your website dashboard, navigate to:

Reverse Publishing -> Settings:

If you do not have reverse publishing / digital prepress and are interested in testing it out or adding it to your paper, please email 

First, select when you want to be notified of updates:

“Notify me of updates:” has 3 checkboxes:

  • On the export screen
  • When Articles are saved
  • Every [#] Minutes

Then enter who to “Send notification e-mails to:”

Do not change anything else on this screen.  Click “Save Changes”.

Status Change Notifications

To receive notifications when any Article gets changed to a certain status:

  • Navigate to your user profile
  • Scroll down near the bottom to the “Article Notifications” section.
  • Check the boxes next to whichever statuses you want to be notified for, then scroll to the bottom and click “Update Profile”

You will now receive email notifications when articles change to the selected status types.