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Groups are a unique feature of MemberPress. Groups allow you to quickly and painlessly setup a nice features comparison page for users to get a quick snapshot of the various Memberships you offer. Setting up a Group in MemberPress also allows your users to upgrade or downgrade with our convenient Change Plan popup explained below. Groups show up on your site just like a WordPress page would. You should give the Group page a title. The content is optional as the page will display the Membership pricing tables by default. Anything you add as content on the group page will be shown above the Memberships pricing table.

Group Options

Upgrade Path – When this is set, members can only subscribe to one Membership in the group at a time. If this is unset, members can subscribe to each Membership in the group simultaneously.

Memberships – This is where you can set which Memberships should be displayed on this group pricing page. Use your mouse to drag and drop the Memberships in the order you want them to appear on the Group page. A Membership can only belong to one group at a time. If you attempt to assign a Membership to multiple groups you will get an error. The order of your Memberships is important here. The top one should be your lowest level, and the bottom should be your highest level with all other memberships in order in-between.

Disable Change Plan Pop-Up – Enable this option if you plan on using the normal Group Pricing Page or if you are planning to set your own (with the Disable Pricing Page option). This will take the user to the Group pricing page when they click on Change Plan instead of showing them the quick selection pop-up.

Disable Pricing Page – If you check this box, it will disable the front end pricing page from being seen by users. If they try to access it, they will be shown a 404 message. You can use this if you want to create an upgrade path without having a front end pricing page to display the Memberships on. When enabling this option, it will also reveal a box to enter in an alternate URL for a group pricing page if you want to create your own.

Pricing Page Theme – Use this to set the appearance of the pricing page to one of our pre-set designs. Or chose custom, to use your own custom CSS.

Group Price Boxes Shortcodes – Click this link to reveal the shortcodes used to display the group price boxes.

 – Shortcode to display the price boxes on your group page. Can be used to enter content above and below the price boxes in relation to where you enter the shortcode on the page.

[mepr-group-price-boxes_id=”123″] – 123 will be replaced with your group’s unique ID. Use this shortcode on any other WordPress page, post or custom post type to display your price boxes.

Change Plan Popup

When you create a Group in MemberPress, and add memberships to it, your MemberPress subscribers will now see a “change plan” link on their Account Page under the Subscriptions tab:

When users click on that link, they will see a popup that includes the potential upgrades or downgrades they can do based on their membership. If you have enabled prorations and this Group is an Upgrade Path Group, then pro-rations will also be calculated.