AdRotate – Mobile Ads

If you have a lot of mobile visitors on your website and you want to show them tailored adverts. You can do so with the Mobile option in AdRotate Pro.
AdRotate has an advanced filter to check if the user is on a tablet, phone or smartphone and using that can show adverts only on desktop or only on mobile devices. On top of that you can also differentiate between iOS or Android devices.

Setting up your adverts

Setup is easy, but takes a bit of planning. The feature is built to mix in with ‘regular’ adverts so you don’t have weird gaps on any platforms if you don’t want to.

When creating the advert select the appropriate platforms where the advert should show.

To make these checkboxes effective you need to activate mobile support in each group the advert is in where you want to make this distinction. This is again a checkbox in the advanced section, for the group settings.

Of course you should have at least one advert for each platform in the same group, too. Otherwise, gaps may show for users on the other platforms.

Mobile icons

Adverts have little icons in the Manage Adverts menu that indicate if an Advert is meant for Desktop, Phones or Tablets. If the group doesn’t have the mobile filter activated, the advert will show on all devices regardless of your adverts settings.


You can also use Geo-Targeting for your mobile adverts. Keep in mind that the more features you stack onto the advert the chance of the advert not showing for certain visitors increases and you have to plan for those occurrences more.