AdRotate – Weighted Ads

This feature let’s you to give adverts “weight”, or importance, to give them more attention (impressions) over other ads. All you have to do is set a number (weight) for each ad. There are 5 levels. Where a weight of 2 barely gets any impressions and 10 gets most of the attention. The default value is 6. As you manage your ads you can change this as a setting when editing the ad.

Note: Setting all adverts in a group to a higher or lower weight will defeat the system as all have an equal chance of being shown.

Weight overrides

Note that the weight override is a minimum weight. If you set it to 4 no ads with a lower weight will show for that location.
You can overrule set weights using shortcodes and PHP. This allows you to set all kinds of weights for each ad but set a random minimum level of weight for a certain location.

Using Shortcode

Shortcodes can be used in Posts, Pages and certain widgets.



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