Breaking News Newsletter

The easiest way to send a breaking news newsletter is to send a “single newsletter”, and to either have a breaking news category that you will choose to include or to add a “breaking news” tag in the article tag box to your story.

Then, when you send a single newsletter, choose a template that utilizes content type, select “articles”, select the category which the story is a part of, and add the tag that you used on it to the tag filter box, to single it out for inclusion in the newsletter.

Set the “max posts” to 1 unless you have more than one breaking news story.

Hit “next” so you can customize the newsletter if you want to. Make sure to set your subject line and remove or change the default text that comes with the newsletter.

Hit “next”, select the list you want to send breaking news to, or if no lists exist, it will send it to your entire subscriber database.

When you’re ready to send, you can hit “send” or you can send a “test” email. If you are sending a test email, make sure you or another person are set as “test subscriber” in your newsletter subscriber profile (found under subscribers) so that you receive the test version of your newsletter.

When you are ready to send, hit “send” and the newsletter will begin sending out to your subscribers.