Classifieds Text File Import

If you use NewsCycle’s classifieds system for your print classifieds, you are able to export a file that we can then work with to setup a template with for easy import in the future.

Once this template is set-up to match your classifieds file output, follow the following instructions for text-only classifieds. If you have images associated with your classifieds, you’ll need to upload a zip of your text and images to FTP at a similar time every day and we’ll configure a scheduled automatic process to import these files.

Once your template is setup and we’ve tested & confirmed a correct classifieds import, these are the instructions you will follow going forward:

  1. Go to “All Import” on your backend dashboard and select “New Import”.
  2. On the “New Import” screen, upload your file.
  3. A box will then appear – select “New Items” and then select the type of content you’ll be creating from the drop-down box below – in this case, it will be “Classifieds”.
  4. Click “Continue to Step 2”
  5. Don’t do anything on the Step 2 page – just click “Continue to Step 3”
  6. On Step 3, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the drop-down that says “load template” and select “Classifieds” – this is the template we have created for your file to import the right information to the right places.
  7. Click “Continue to Step 4”
  8. Do nothing here but click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  9. On this final page, click “Confirm & Run Import” to import your latest classifieds.