Creating a Form

In the Forms menu available when logged in, you will see a link that says New Form. When you click on New Form, you will be presented with a box asking for the Title and Description of the new form. You must give your form a name before you can begin, but you can change that name later if needed. Once you’ve filled out the field(s), click Create Form.

The form field toolbox consists of an accordion interface that allows you to select which field types you would like to add to your form. To add a form field to your form simply click on the field you would like to add and it will be added to the bottom of your form.

You may edit individual form fields by hovering over the field you would like to edit and click on the Edit link. This will display the field editor interface and enable you to fine tune the available field options. To reorder fields on your form, drag and drop them to arrange them in the desired order.

After you have edited the Form Settings and added your desired Form Fields, click the Update Form button at the bottom of the form editor to save your new form.