Editing Forms

The Edit Forms page displays a list of all your forms. From this page you can manage and edit your existing forms, and get a quick rundown on basic analytics such as views, number of entries and the conversation ratio.

  • Status
    To the left of the form name is the status icon. By default this is checked, which activates the form. To inactivate a form you simply click on the status icon to change the status. You can filter which forms are visible using the filter toolbar. By default All forms will be displayed, although you can select to view only Active or Inactive forms.
  • Id
    This is the form id. You can use this for displaying the form via the shortcode or function call.
  • Form Name
    This is the title of the form. It is editable by using the form editor.
  • Views
    The number of times a form has been viewed.
  • Entries
    The number of times a form entry has been created by submitting the form.
  • Conversion
    The conversion ratio is the percentage of users who viewed the form and submitted an entry.

Form Options

By hovering over a form in the list you will be presented with a variety of options.

  • Edit
    Edit the form using the form editor.
  • Settings
    This deals with all of the settings of your form such as Form settingsConfirmations, and Notifications.
  • Entries
    View the entries for this form.
  • Preview
    Preview the form to see how it will look to the enduser. This can also be used to submit an entry or test.
  • Duplicate
    Create a duplicate of this form. Duplication includes all form, field, and notification settings.
  • Trash
    Choosing this option will delete a form and ALL entry data associated with the form.

A bulk delete action is available by selecting multiple forms, selecting Delete from the Bulk Actions dropdown and then clicking Apply.