Form Field Type > Credit Card

Payment add-ons such as Authorize.Net, PayPal Payments Pro, and Stripe enable the Credit Card Field in Gravity Forms. This field appears in the Pricing Fields toolbox of the Form Editor. This is a new field type that makes it easy to capture credit card information. It includes integrated card type detection so the user does not have to pick which type of card he is using and it also has built in validation to validate that the card format is correct.

This field does not actually store the Credit Card data. It is available as part of the initial form submission strictly as part of integration with the Authorize.Net Add-On and other payment gateway add-ons. This data will not be stored as part of the form entry and is not retained by your site, server, or database.

If you Preview or view your form on a page that is not secure, it will be obvious, both to you and your users if you do not properly secure the page. If the page is unsecured the Credit Card Field will be highlighted with a red warning. This warning will not be displayed if the page displaying the form is loaded via https with a valid SSL certificate.

  • Field Label
    This is what the user will see as the title on the field when filling out the form.
  • Description
    If you would like to place a description with more information about the field, place it here. This will be displayed to the user when filling out your form.
  • Sub-Labels
    This option allows you to override the default sub-labels for each field.
  • Supported Credit Cards
    Here, you can enable or disable individual credit card types.
  • Card Icon Style
    Simply allows you to determine the style of your credit card icons.
  • Rules
    • Required
      Determines if the field is a requirement to submit the form.
  • Placeholders
    This allows you to place text within the field, giving the user more information on the expected input.
  • Description Placement
    Allows you to override the default placement of the field description, allowing you to place it either above or below the field.
  • Sub-Label Placement
    Similar to the Description Placement, but affects the sub-labels instead.
  • Custom Validation Message
    Allows you to place a custom validation message if the input is invalid.
  • Custom CSS Class
    Enter your custom CSS class name if you would like to override the default styling of this field.
  • Admin Field Label
    Allows for a custom field label this is displayed only within the administration screens.
  • Force SSL
    Check this box to prevent the field from being displayed on insecure (non-https) pages.
  • Enable Conditional Logic
    Enabled conditional logic to determine if the field should be displayed or hidden.