Form Field Type > Survey

  • Description
    Within this box, you can place more information about your survey item to be displayed to the user on the front end.
  • Survey Question
    This is simply the question that you would like to ask the user.
  • Survey Field Type
    Determines how the survey field will be displayed to the user.

    • Likert
      Displays answers in a way that users select items from a scale from one end of the spectrum to another. For example, on one end would be something like Strongly Disagree, and on the other end would be Strongly Agree.
    • Rank
      This type will allow users to rank items within a list.
    • Rating
      Displays a star rating.
    • Radio Buttons
      Displays radio buttons to choose from any number of defined choices.
    • Checkboxes
      Displays checkboxes so that a user can select multiple options.
    • Single Line Text
      A single line box for a user to enter custom text.
    • Paragraph Text
      Similar to the Single Line Text option, but allows for multiple lines of input.
    • Drop Down
      Choices are displayed within a drop down box.
  • Columns/Choices
    This is where you will define the individual answers for your survey field.
  • Custom Validation Message
    Allows you to override the default error message for the field by entering the text for your error here.
  • Custom CSS Class
    If you have a custom CSS class you want to apply to this field, enter it here.
  • Admin Field Label
    This setting allows you to set a custom field label that is only displayed within the admin.
  • Visibility
    Determines who is able to see the field on the front end.
  • Allow field to be populated dynamically
    If you want the field to be automatically populated with the use for URL query strings, select this box.
  • Enable Conditional Logic
    Allows you to use conditional logic to enable or disable the field.