Hiding WordPress Authors on Article Pages

Most customers prefer to hide the “WordPress Author” field from their article pages in favor of the standard Byline that is extracted from the PDF edition. The WordPress Author is the WordPress user who published the article on the website, and will usually display as ops@our-hometown.com (or the e-mail for whatever user published the article) unless they have changed this setting in their profile page.

For full service customers, there is probably never a reason to display the WordPress Author since it will always be ops@our-hometown publishing the articles.

The following CSS will hide the WordPress Author from Article pages:

/*hide OHT bylines in article*/
.single-oht_article .byline__by,
.single-oht_article .byline__author,
.single-oht_article .byline__separator,
.single-oht_article .byline__on {
display: none;

To hide the WordPress Author from the homepage, make sure each Article Widget is set to display the “Byline” — but not “Author”.