Setting an Edition to Free Access

If you want to set a specific edition to Free Access, you can do so by tagging these articles with the “Free” paywall.


Once the edition is published, go to Articles -> All Articles.

From the “Edition” drop down, select the date of the edition you are trying to make Free.

This will return all articles that belong to that edition.

It is best to adjust the “Screen Options” using the box in the top right corner of the page. Set the “Number of items per page” to a number higher than the total number of articles included in the edition. If you have 65 articles, set this option to 70 — so that all articles from the edition are displaying on the page at the same time.

This allows you to use the Bulk Edit feature to edit the entire edition worth of articles at once.

Use the “Select All” checkbox and then select “Edit” from the Bulk Actions menu and click “Apply.”

This will bring up an edit box at the top of the list of articles, allowing you to adjust some of the settings.

Under “Paywall”, being typing the word “Free” — the system should recognize this as an existing paywall option and you will be able to select it as it pops up on the screen.

Then click “Update.”

PDF Edition:

The PDF Edition is quicker to make this adjustment.

Click “PDFs” on the dashboard and find the PDF for the edition that you are trying to make public. (This same method is used for special sections that a customer might want to be free.)

Open the ‘Edit’ page for this PDF.

On the right side of the page under the Publish, Categories, and Tags options, you will see a box titled “Paywall” that asks: “Is this content protected?”

It will likely be set to “Use Category-Level Setting” by default, but you want to change it to “No” — meaning the content is not protected by the paywall and therefor is available for free to all readers.