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Creating your CSV file

CSV stands for “comma separated values,” which is a very common format used by Spreadsheets. You can create a standard spreadsheet in Excel, Numbers, Open Office, or Google Spreadsheet and then export a CSV file from your spreadsheet.

The CSV file must be in Windows Format.  We are working on a fix so this won’t matter, but for now, only Windows CSV format will work.

All of the importers require their own unique data items to be present in the CSV file, but they will all follow a couple of conventions:

  1. Each CSV file must have a header row (first row of the file) which contains the name of the field. Everything in the column under the first row will be flagged as being a value for the field defined in the header.
  2. The columns of the CSV file don’t need to be in any set order. The data fields are determined not by order but by the header name.

Importing your CSV file

Only one CSV file can be imported at a time, and many of our CSV file types depend on data already being imported into MemberPress. This means that there’s a definite order you should import your files in. Here’s a quick breakdown of what data depend on elements from other data.

In other words:

  • Users & Memberships CSV files have no dependencies
  • Coupons & Rules CSV files depend on Memberships already being imported
  • Transactions & Subscriptions CSV files depend on both the Users & Memberships data already being imported — and optionally coupons that have already been imported. Also transactions & subscriptions may also rely on the id of a payment method setup in MemberPress -> Options -> Payments.

WARNING: Make sure that the data you are importing hasn’t already been imported because, other than the users CSV file, the CSV file will be imported, duplicating the data already present.