Memberpress > Updating the Paywall Message

The first time you access the Memberpress > Options sections, make sure to click “Update Options” on the pages section.

This will open up the “default unauthorized message” section for changes & auto-create the Thank You, Account, & Login pages.

Once you’ve done this, click “Default Unauthorized Message” on the “pages” tab, right above the “Update Options” button.

The default message says “You are unauthorized to view this page”. Obviously, you’ll want to update this to something more instructive and friendly.

You can type whatever you want here – add images, an ad, and whatever text you want.  We usually write something along the lines of “An active subscription is required to access this content. Please login in below or click here (add a link to your subscription page) to subscribe”.

This way people know to login or where to go to renew or purchase a new subscription.

On this page, it’s also a good idea to update the “Show an excerpt to unauthorized visitors”. Check the box, choose “custom” and decide on how may characters you want to use. This is important to make sure some content shows in the article widgets on the front page as well.