Custom CSS

Hiding WordPress Authors on Article Pages

Most customers prefer to hide the “WordPress Author” field from their article pages in favor of the standard Byline that is extracted from the PDF edition. The WordPress Author is the WordPress user who published the article on the website, and will usually display as (or the e-mail for whatever user published the article) unless they have changed this setting in their profile page. For full service customers, there […]

Customizer > Site Colors

Site colors can be chosen on the Site Colors tab under the Customizer, either using hex codes or a draggable color selector. If you need to do more customized colors for specific areas of the site, you can also apply colors via the Custom CSS section.

Adding a Google Font for use

If you aren’t a fan of the fonts available in the Customizer fonts section, you are more than welcome to pick and implement any of the thousands of fonts available at Google Fonts (¬† ) Once you select your font or fonts, you’ll want to click the gray header at the bottom right of the screen. It will pop up and show you all your selects. The easiest way to […]

Picking a Color Scheme

We know you have a set of colors you tend to use with your business – your logo colors, complementary colors to support them in your text, headings, and in other various ways. If you don’t know what colors you want to use on your website, we recommend first, finding out what colors you use (if you don’t already know). is a great Google Chrome extension that let’s you […]