Email > Using an App for Email on your Mobile Device

There are many applications out there for Apple, Android & Windows Phones that allow you to retrieve & send email from your mobile device.  Below is the important information you will need when setting up one of these apps.  We recommend following their own instructions, as every app is different, but the information below is what they will be asking for during the setup process. E-mail address: (your full e-mail […]

Digital PrePress / Reverse Publishing > Email Notifications

Reverse Publishing Notifications On your website dashboard, navigate to: Reverse Publishing -> Settings: If you do not have reverse publishing / digital prepress and are interested in testing it out or adding it to your paper, please email  First, select when you want to be notified of updates: “Notify me of updates:” has 3 checkboxes: On the export screen When Articles are saved Every [#] Minutes Then enter who to […]

Memberpress > Creating Email Reminders and Expiration Notices

Memberpress allows you to create custom Expiration Notices, known as Reminders, to deliver to your customers whose memberships are due to expire. This is important for retaining subscribers and avoiding complaints when subscribers log on to the site and can’t figure out why they aren’t able to view protected content. Reminders are easy to set up and can be used individually or in concert with one another. For example, you […]

Memberpress > Full List of Email Parameters

On this page, we have listed all of the supported parameters for every MemberPress Email and Reminder. Please note that each parameter can only be used in the email type they are listed under. For quick links to each section click on the option below: MemberPress Emails These are only for the emails found in the MemberPress > Options > Emails tab.  {$user_id} The user’s WordPress database ID (9253) {$user_login} The user’s username […]

Memberpress > Options > Emails Tab

Send Mail From MemberPress will send out emails on your behalf using the information found in the “From Name:” and “From Email:” fields as seen below.   As a default, MemberPress will populate these fields with the Site Title and Email address located in your WordPress Settings > General page. Member Notices These emails are triggered and sent to a user when a certain event occurs. Send Welcome Email – This email is sent to Welcome […]