Payment Gateways

Connecting Memberpress &

To get started, navigate to the options menu in MemberPress and select payments. Click the plus button and select the gateway “” Name it whatever you want.  This is the name that your users will see when they go to select how to pay. Go to your dashboard to obtain the necessary keys: login name & transaction key. In select API Login ID and Transaction Key under Security […]

PayPal – Instant Payment Notification

PayPal can sometimes take a bit of time to notify the system of a completed payment – please make sure to turn on Instant Payment Notifications to reduce the change of this happening. Learn where to turn this on here. After you turn on IPN PayPal IPN URL – Click the clipboard icon next to this URL to copy the IPN that needs to be entered into PayPal. The IPN […]

Activating Your Stripe Account

Stripe is an industry leader for simplicity and security in payment gateways. You can use Stripe to accept payments for subscriptions, classified submissions, events & more. Step 1: Activate your Stripe account To use Stripe as your payment gateway, you’ll first need an active Stripe account. Before you activate your Stripe account, make sure you have the following information:   Bank account details (transit number, institution number, and account number), […]

Getting Your Stripe API Keys

1. Create a Separate Stripe Account Skip this step if you already have a separate Stripe account set up. Create a Stripe account on their website and log in by entering your created email and password. Once logged in, click Activate Your Account in the top left and enter the requested information. 2. Get the API Keys Within Stripe, click API on the left menu. Alternatively, you can click here to […]

Payment Gateways

While Our Hometown can accept a number of payment gateways (inquire if you have a different payment gateway to see if we can accomodate it), we highly recommend, PayPal or Stripe due to their ease of integration on various areas of your site where you can require payments. Learn more about each payment gateway on their websites: Stripe PayPal