Thumbnail Sizes on Listing Pages

By default, GeoDirectory Listing Images utilize the first image uploaded to the post as the “Featured Image”, and this image is expanded so that it cover the entire background-area of the listing image area. However, this can result in images or logos being cut off; so many customers prefer to contain the entire image within this area instead. This requires adding some CSS: .geodir_category_list_view li .geodir-post-img .geodir_thumbnail { background-position: 50% […]

Directory Prices & Payment Features

Tips and tricks When activating the Pricing Manager addon, don’t forget to review the settings of the default package. Installation of the GD core plugin creates a default listing type that allows users to add all fields, unlimited categories and images etc. Importing listings: Set up your price packages and custom fields before creating your CSV file. Introduction You can use the Pricing Manager to create different packages, for example Featured listings, listings with […]

Events Calendar – Adding an Event

The events calendar runs off the same system as the business directory and pickup locations directory, so it should look familiar if you use either of those systems. Adding an event has a few additional, event-related options to enter when creating a new event. Select “Add New” from the backend dashboard menu, under “Events”. Enter your event title & description. Under “Event Schedule”, fill in the timing of your event. […]

Add a New Directory Category

For each directory type, you’ll need to add categories that business listings, events, or pickup locations can be a part of.  Under your directory type (Places, Events, or Pickup Locations), select (listing type) categories. From here, you can enter the name of your new category, scroll down and set a category icon (required) and then click the “Add New Category” button at the bottom. If you would like some icons […]

GeoDirectory Widgets

When you install the GeoDirectory plugin, you’ll find a number of new GD widgets in the appearance section of your WP admin area. Widget name Can be used on these pages: Home Listings Search Detail Author Non-GD pages GD Core widgets GD > Advertise GD > Best of widget GD > CPT Categories GD > CPT Listings GD > Features GD > Flickr Photos GD > GMap Home page GD > GMap Listing page […]

About Post Types & How to Customize (default directory listings)

Places is the name of the default Custom Post Type (CPT) installed as part of the GD core installation. It is like the top category for listings in your GD directory. The information on this page is also relevant for any other CPT you install when you add Custom Post Types or use the Event calendar. Custom Fields When you go to GD > Place Settings, you will see a tab with […]

Directory Notification / Email Settings

Options tab List of usable shortcodes: You can use these in the email templates to personalize your emails. The same fields are used in the notifications of the Prices and Payments feature, [#client_name#] The name your user entered on registration [#listing_link#] Link to the user’s listing [#posted_date#] Date the listing was submitted [#number_of_days#] In case you use the Prices and Payments feature, this is the amount of days the listing was originally paid for. [#number_of_grace_days#] In case you use […]

Advanced Search > Auto-complete Settings

Enable Search auto-completer: This setting will start giving suggestions as your visitor start searching: Auto-submit the form on select a Search option: If this option is selected, the search form will automatically load the detail page of the listing selected. Min chars needed to trigger autocomplete: Enter a number of characters here before the auto-completer search is triggered. Max Results to be returned by autocomplete: Enter a number here to limit the number of listings […]

Advanced Search Filters > Search by Distance

When you activate the Advanced Search Filters, the Search By Distance field will automatically be added to the fields you can add to your custom search.   When you click on Field: Search by Distance, you’ll see the following options: Options Maximum Search Range Enter the maximum radius of the search zone you want to create, for example if you want your visitors to search any listing within 50 miles or kilometers from […]

“Near Me” Search Distance Setting

If you add the GD > Near Me Button widget, and a visitor clicks on that button, they will be taken to a page showing the listings within a set radius of their geolocation. To change this radius, go to GD > Advanced Search > GEOLOCATION SETTINGS section > Default Near Me miles limit (1-200) and change the setting there.

Custom Search Features

1. Custom Post Type (CPT) selector This selector will only be shown if you have more than one Custom Post Type The CPT selector defaults to the current CPT of a Listings, detail or search page. For example on an Events category page, Events will be listed first in the selector. On a location page or any standard WP page or post, the order of the CPTs in the selector can be determined by changing […]

Directory Navigation > Searching

The basic Search function Using the “Search for” field only The directory will check the entry titles, description and taxonomies (tags and categories) of the listings. The results will be listed in order of relevance depending on the keyword(s) entered. For example, if you only search for “hotel“, the results will be returned with listings that have hotel in the title first, etc: Using the “Near” field only When you enter a location in […]

Directory Default Location Settings

 Map settings: After activation you will see a message asking you if you want to set a Google Maps API KEY, and another message to set your default location. A. Setting a Google Maps API KEY Clicking on the click here link will take you to GD > Design > Map. Follow the instructions in the Add Google API KEY article. B. Set the default location Clicking on the click here link will take you to GD > Set Default […]

Getting Your Business Directory Started

Typical layout Below is a standard layout of an Our Hometown directory site, using GeoDirectory. All the directory pages are based on this layout. The default Design settings only use the GD Right Section and not the GD Left Section, because that is the most common layout. Also, the GD Bottom Section is not enabled by default, although this section allows you to add content to the bottom of your GD pages you maybe do […]

Event Manager & Calendar Shortcodes

Event Manager Shortcodes Event Listings Shortcode: [gd_event_listing] Parameters: category – ID number of the category to show (default = 0 for all) post_number – Number of posts to show (default = 5) layout – Number of columns to show (default = 2) add_location_filter – True or False (default = false) listing_width – A percent between 20 and 100 (default = ‘’) list_sort – One of az, upcoming, latest, featured, high_review, high_rating, random […]

Directory Shortcodes

Shortcodes are ways to place widgets on pages if you have no widgetized areas to use. Sometimes they let you place content when widgets don’t exist. Home Page Map Shortcode: [gd_homepage_map] This shortcode is the equivalent of the GD > GMap – Home Page widget. Parameters: width – A number of pixels or percent (default = 960px) height – A number of pixels (default = 425px) maptype – One of HYBRID, […]