Locating Advertisement Stats

Locating Advertisement Stats Stats for your website advertisements are available within the same plugin we use to create the ads: AdRotate Pro. Find AdRotate Pro on your Dashboard. You’ll find that there is a Statistics link listed as a sub-menu item, but this page is more of a site overview. To find statistics for a specific advertisement, you’ll want to navigate to the Manage Adverts page. Here, you’ll see all […]

AdRotate – Email CSV Stat Reports

Many advertisers will want a performance report with some basic stats for their ad. Fortunately, AdRotate allows us to do this quite easily on an ad-by-ad basis. First, navigate to your “Active Ads” under AdRotate Pro -> Adverts. Next to the ad’s Name, you’ll see a link titled “Stats” if stat-tracking has been enabled for this ad. Click this link to view the stats for the ad. Once on the stat page, look […]

Page Takeover Ads

Page takeover ads are the ads you see behind the main content of the page. They are primarily for desktop users, as there’s no way you’d really see it on mobile. You could supplement the desktop version with mobile ads interspersed throughout the site for true “site takeover”. To create this type of ad, first down this template.   Follow the instructions in the template to create your ad – there […]

AdRotate Tracking For Newsletter Ads

To track clicks on ads in newsletters, you can setup ads via AdRotate, alter & update the code for use in an email. First, create your ad as you normally would. Copy the code you see in the “AdCode” box & paste it into a text document so you can make some adjustments to it for use in the newsletter. Replace %asset% part of the AdCode with the full image […]

AdRotate – Mobile Ads

If you have a lot of mobile visitors on your website and you want to show them tailored adverts. You can do so with the Mobile option in AdRotate Pro. AdRotate has an advanced filter to check if the user is on a tablet, phone or smartphone and using that can show adverts only on desktop or only on mobile devices. On top of that you can also differentiate between […]

AdRotate – Weighted Ads

This feature let’s you to give adverts “weight”, or importance, to give them more attention (impressions) over other ads. All you have to do is set a number (weight) for each ad. There are 5 levels. Where a weight of 2 barely gets any impressions and 10 gets most of the attention. The default value is 6. As you manage your ads you can change this as a setting when […]

AdRotate – Geo-Targeting

Target your audience with geo targeting and show only the adverts they need to see or localize advertisement campaigns using this powerful feature! AdRotate Pro connects to external services. This data is based on the users IP Address and does not contain identifiable information but is very accurate for the user their location at that moment. Enable Geolocation Geo Targeting is not enabled by default. You’ll find a section called […]

AdRotate – Groups

Groups are useful if you use multiple locations or pages for ads showing different categories/niches or sizes of adverts. Most people will want to set up a group for each location. Or perhaps even several groups. Groups can hold one or many adverts. If you put multiple adverts in a group it will automatically show different adverts on a regular basis. Group modes Groups serve multiple purposes and can operate […]

AdRotate – Schedules

With schedules you can schedule adverts. This means that you can make a advertising deal today, set everything up and when the adverts go live next month it’s all automated. Every advert needs at least one schedule. Adverts can be shown from and to multiple dates. For example ads that run bi-monthly for 1 year would have 6 schedules, one for each active period. If the end date passes and […]

AdRotate – Quickstart Guide

Design your ads Adverts are the core function in AdRotate. Creating adverts is relatively simple. Every advert has a bunch options available to make the most of your advertising campaign. In many cases you’ll get a ready-to-go advert from your advertiser. But you can make your own adverts from scratch, too. Adcode Every advert will have a bit of HTML and sometimes CSS/Javascript. This represents the actual advertisement. You’ll need […]