Promotional Newsletter Inserts with MemberPress

Benefits of Promotional Newsletter Inserts Using Promotional Newsletter Inserts in MemberPress can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, target your promotions more effectively, and drive more revenue to your website. In this example our customer has created a promotion to offer discounts to customers whose subscription has recently expired and wants it to be included with every newsletter during the promo period.

Custom Post Types in your Newsletter

The Newsletter Plugin included with Our-Hometown’s WordPress Publishing Platform is a powerful tool for e-mail marketing, customer outreach, and simply sharing your newest and most interesting articles with your readers. But did you know you that you can include more than just Articles in your stylish newsletters? The Extended Composer Blocks update that was released last year includes a useful “block” named the Custom Post Type (CPT) Block. This block let’s you select any of […]

Custom Newsletters with Drag & Drop Composer

You can use the Newsletter plugin’s built in Drag & Drop Composer to create high quality custom newsletters in just a matter of minutes! While these newsletters cannot pull recently published Articles, they are useful for communicating important information to your subscribers, e-mail marketing, and more. 1. Navigate to the Newsletter Plugin Start by navigating to the Newsletter tab on your Dashboard. 2. Create Your Newsletter From the Newsletter Dashboard, click “New” to create a new […]

Newsletter Leads Extension (Pop Up Newsletter Box)

With Leads Extension for The Newsletter Plugin you can add a popup modal box to your website with a couple of clicks and offer your visitors a simple way to subscribe to your newsletters. You can also setup a fixed subscription bar at the bottom or at the top of the screen with the same purpose. You will find Leads under the “List Building” menu inside Newsletter. As you may notice, […]

Newsletter Ads

Email providers don’t generally allow scripts of any sort to run in emails for security reasons. Because of this, placing ads in emails is really just adding an image and a link. If you’d like to track the link for statistics, you can use Google UTM codes or follow the instructions found here to track via AdRotate. Outside of statistics, you’ll just need to add your media image file to […]

AdRotate Tracking For Newsletter Ads

To track clicks on ads in newsletters, you can setup ads via AdRotate, alter & update the code for use in an email. First, create your ad as you normally would. Copy the code you see in the “AdCode” box & paste it into a text document so you can make some adjustments to it for use in the newsletter. Replace %asset% part of the AdCode with the full image […]

Importing Newsletter Subscribers

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of January 2020, Our Hometown customers will be restricted from importing their own mailing lists. This is a necessary precaution to prevent a customer from importing a bad list of faulty e-mails, which could result in the termination of our e-mail service. To import your list of subscribers, you MUST email the list in a .csv file to and request that we import it for you!  

Breaking News Newsletter

The easiest way to send a breaking news newsletter is to send a “single newsletter”, and to either have a breaking news category that you will choose to include or to add a “breaking news” tag in the article tag box to your story. Then, when you send a single newsletter, choose a template that utilizes content type, select “articles”, select the category which the story is a part of, […]

Newsletter Themes

When using the Our Hometown system with Newsletters, make sure you choose a theme that let’s you choose the content type to include. Our Hometown uses “articles”, instead of posts, to better address the needs of newspapers and other publications, that require subheadings, bylines, and edition dates. When sending a newsletter, you’ll want to select “articles” as the content type, and possibly “PDF” if you want to include your e-edition […]

Automated Newsletters

The Automated Newsletter plugin automatically generates and sends newsletters created from the latest articles posted. Automated creation of newsletters can be planned daily, weekly or monthly in a great variety of ways. Blog contents can be filtered by category, post type and an infinite number of channels can be created letting subscribers to choose among your great information stream offer. Automated the natural evolution and replacement of Feed by Mail extension. […]

Newsletter Tags

Newsletter uses few tags written as {tagname} as placeholders for subscriber’s values or action links. Newsletter tags can be used on messages, subjects and on page texts (configurable from the subscription panel). Of course not all tags make sense in every place or every context. For example a subscription confirmation tag has no much sense on the welcome message. A note of warning: Newsletter tags must not be used on posts or […]

Newsletter Subscriber Management

“Newsletter > Subscribes” is a core part of Newsletter and where you can manage your subscriber list: search, edit, create, import and export are some of the most common features. But it not limited to these operations: statistical data, bounce list import, massive actions are features available for advanced users. The module provide some “massive actions” where an entire set of subscriber can be changed. For example you can remove […]

Our Hometown Newsletter Settings

While you can create custom newsletters to be sent out manually, Our Hometown also includes the option to automatically send out a newsletter of your most recent stories with every edition published.Go to “OHT Settings > Newsletter Settings” in your dashboard to make be able to customize the automated newsletter.The image to the right is a sample of what your newsletter will look like, but filled with your own content.In […]